Stuff I Can Do

Frontend Development

Backend Development & Architecture

Mobile Apps Development


  • Build products from scratch using React
  • Dashboards & Graphs

Mobile Apps Development

Backend Development & Architecture

Mobile Apps Development


  • Mobile apps (iOS, Android..)
  • React Native Mobile Apps
  • Flutter Mobile Apps

Backend Development & Architecture

Backend Development & Architecture

Backend Development & Architecture


  • Build scalable applications with 50K+ daily users (Node.js, .Net, Java, Python)
  • Working with DBs (Postgres, SQL Server, MongoDB, Redis..)
  • Amazon Web Services (Lambda, SQS, Kinesis, API Gateway and more)

Hosting A Software Podcast

Hosting A Software Podcast

Backend Development & Architecture


Hosting a podcast for engineers.
Bringing the best people from the industry and creating episodes that (hopefully) engineers will LOVE and LEARN from (:

Frontend Consultant

Hosting A Software Podcast

Lectures & Workshops


Build Architectures

Migrate to new technology

Improve your frontend delivery time

Lectures & Workshops

Hosting A Software Podcast

Lectures & Workshops


React Workshops for Development Teams & Companies

Part of my clients



  • ReactJS
  • redux-saga (state management)
  • TypeScript
  • Node.js server
  • Postgres DB
  • AWS Services


Frontend Bootcamp for web development to develop production-ready ReactJS apps using the best practices in the market


Involved in the iOS side of the company's React Native mobile app


Weizmann Institute Of Science

Migration From Angular to React

Weizmann Institute Of Science

  • React Native mobile app (iOS + Android)
  • Node.js server side on heroku
  • Postgres relational DB


Lance For Freelancers

Migration From Angular to React

Weizmann Institute Of Science

  • React Native mobile app (iOS + Android)
  • Node.js Server
  • MongoDB
  • Mobx (state management)


Migration From Angular to React

Migration From Angular to React

Migration From Angular to React

  • Building The Architecture
  • Planning the steps to achieve the goal
  • Hands-On coding with the teams (50+ developers)

React Native Architecture - English (ReactNext 2019)

Lecture as part of ReactNext , an international React conference about the architecture of React Native

React Native Architecture - Hebrew (Reversim 2019)

Lecture as part of Reversim , one of the biggest developers conference in Israel

Client Testemonials


Tomer, CTO @ Cemento

Chen is amazing! He brings years of experience, from the idea phase, Through coding and until the deliveries. He is very Independent, reliable, super smart, quick and very good with communication. We were very pleased from his work, and will continue to work together in the future. 


Gilad, COO @ Lance

As someone who have worked with many (but many) freelancers in the past, I know how hard is to find people who actually care about the success of the projects they are contributing to.

It is also extremely hard to find such a diverse team of freelancers who work together and bring a wide range of high level capabilities from frontend to backend through understanding of UX and UI.

I would definitely pass your name to people I want to support as the combination of professionalism and being so approachable made me feel as if you are an integral part of my team.

Thank you!


Ori, Personalised Nutrition App

I had the pleasure of working with Chen on a complex application that we both inherited. Chen quickly came up to speed on the large code base and was able to support us with the required fixes and changes. Moreover, they were also instrumental in product design and contributed to the usability of the application.  The ongoing interaction with Chen is very productive as it communicates well and operates fast such that it is possible to plan ahead and resolve issues when they arise.

About Me

I am Tech entrepreneur and Freelance developer based in Tel Aviv.
I spent six years in the Ofek unit of the Israeli army and have more than 12 years of web and mobile development experience under my belt.
After four years leading development teams at startups and leading Guiderr as CTO and Co-Founder, I became an expert freelance developer for engineering services and enjoy every moment of it!

Outside of the office I organise educational trips for both high school students traveling Israel as part of the Masa Israeli project as well as local entrepreneurs on weekend expeditions.
When not working I can be found on the beach playing volleyball (:


Full Stack Software Developer


Entrepreneurship & Consultant


From my blog


One day you wake up and realize you are not in love with your startup and partner anymore


React Native Architecture (three parts)


10 Freelancer notes about working with customers

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