High-end engineering services & tech consultant

Stuff I Can Do

Website & Frontend Development


  • Build a complex website from scratch (ReactJS, Vue.js)
  • Create Dashboards & Graphs

Mobile Apps Development


  • Mobile apps (iOS, Android..)
  • Experienced with building React Native apps
  • Build Flutter Mobile Apps

Backend Development & Architecture


  • Build scalable applications with 50K+ daily users (Node.js, .Net, Java, Python)
  • Working with DBs (Postgres, SQL Server, MongoDB, Redis..)
  • Amazon Web Services (Lambda, SQS, Kinesis, API Gateway and more)

Hosting A Software Podcast


Hosting a podcast for engineers.
Bringing the best people from the industry and creating episodes that (hopefully) engineers will LOVE and LEARN from (:

Frontend & Backend Consultant


From Small startups to huge companies

Lectures & Workshops


React Workshops for Team & Companies

Part of my Projects

Personalized Nutrition App


  • React Native mobile app (iOS + Android)
  • Node.js server side on heroku
  • Postgres relational DB

HumorMatch Dating App


  • React Native mobile app (iOS + Android)
  • Firebase serverless (functions, firestore)

Migration From Angular to React


  • Choosing technology together
  • Planning the steps to achieve the goal
  • Hands-On coding with the ream



  • ReactJS website
  • Node.js server
  • Postgres DB
  • AWS

AGS Interactive


  • Phonegap/Cordova Hybrid mobile app
  • Backbone (MVC)
  • NoSql - MongoDB, Couchbase & Redis
  • AWS
  • Vertica DB

Making Software


Podcast I host and built from scratch with Podcast Israel awesome team, talking about everything related to software and tech

About Me

I am Tech entrepreneur and Freelance developer based in Tel Aviv.
I spent six years in the Ofek unit of the Israeli army and have more than 12 years of web and mobile development experience under my belt.
After four years leading development teams at startups and leading Guiderr as CTO and Co-Founder, I became an expert freelance developer for engineering services and enjoy every moment of it!

Outside of the office I organise educational trips for both high school students traveling Israel as part of the Masa Israeli project as well as local entrepreneurs on weekend expeditions.
When not working I can be found on the beach playing volleyball (:

Full Stack Software Developer


Entrepreneurship & Consultant



From my blog


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